the 3rd Training Course of Rational Use of Medicine for Health Professionals in South and Southeast Asian Countries
Since 2018,Kunming Medical University has successfully held two training courses Rational Use of Medicine for HealthProfessionals in South and Southeast Asian Countries. More than50 healthProfessionals from Nepal, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Thailand, Vitnam, Laos, Myanmar and so on had participated in thetraining courses. Thetraining courses were fullypraised by all participants and it has been playing important role in the promotion of communication and cooperation between healthprofessionals in South and Southeast Asian Countries.
I amvery glad to inform you that the 3rd Training Course of Rational Use of Medicine for HealthProfessionals will be held virtually at Kunming Medical Universityfrom 26-30 October 2020 for 5 days. The training courses will be online events due to the epidemic of COVID-19.
This training course will be consisted of online lectures regarding the rational use ofmedicineincluding antibiotics, antineoplastic and psychotropic medicine and nosocomial infection and medicine therapy for COVID-19 andonline show to increase communication on the rational use of medicine and share experiences of prevention and control of COVID-19 in China. Theprotocol of schedule of this event is attached.
We would like to invite 3 health professionals from your esteemed institution to take part in this video training courses. Really appreciate if you can accept this invitation and could you please email us back the attached Reply Sheet for Participation before 6 October 2020 via Email:
We will do our best to provide participants with assistant with IT support and also please ensure participants are able to have stable internet services inNepal. We will email you detailed information about video training courses once it is prepared well. Thank you very much!


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