The first "Golden Bridge" China-Myanmar Urology Conference held in the Second Affiliated Hospital of KMU
The first "golden bridge" China-Myanmar Urology Conference and laparoscopic urological reconstruction training courses was held by Kunming Medical University and Undertaken by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University from July 12 to 14. The conference is one of a series of activities of South and Southeast Asia Medical Education and Service Alliance jointly initiated by Kunming Medical University and Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine.

On the morning of July 13, the opening ceremony was held in the lecture hall of the academic Conference Center of the hospital. Zhou Jia, Chairman of the Administration Committee of the Second Affiliated Hospital, Li Lihua, Vice President of Kunming Medical University, Huang Xingli, Director of Medical Administration Department of Yunnan Health Committee, Wang Ping, President of the Second Affiliated Hospital, and Li Jiongming, vice President of the Second Affiliated Hospital and chairman of the conference attended the opening ceremony. Wang Zhong, Deputy Dean and Director of Urology Department of the Ninth People's Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, Cheng Jiwen, Director of Urology Department of the First Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi  Medical University, Prof.Min Thu, former chairman of Urology department of Myanmar, was invited to attend the opening ceremony and make presentation in the training course. About 130 specialists and professors, urology specialists and doctors from Yangon, Mandalay and Naypyidaw attended the meeting.

LI Lihua pointed out that as one of the series of SSAMESA activities, the conference was a platform for Urologist of China and Myanmar. It was also an important activity of Golden Bridge International Urology Alliance. It would greatly deepen academic exchanges and serve higher education and medical undertakings in Yunnan Province. He believed that this conference would create a new platform for urologist of the two countries to enhance friendship, learned from each other, shared achievements of modern medicine, benefited patients of the two countries.

Huang Xingli hoped that the Second Affiliated Hospital would take this opportunity to strengthen the communication of urologist from home and aborad, gived full play to the advantages of the hospital and improce the development of the urology discipline, cultivated more outstanding urinary specialized talents, so as to make contributions to the sustainable development of medical and health undertakings of Yunnan and South and Southeast Asia.

Wang Ping extended a warm welcome to all the guests attending the conference and pointed out that the hospital focused on the professional development of disciplines. Urolithiasis, urogenital tumors and other subdisciplines have formed unique disciplinary advantages. He believed that all urologists would jointly push the development of the discipline to a new level.

Li Jiongming said that the Second Affiliated Hospital of KMU had held 7 training classes for Myanmar urologist since 2014 when it lanuched cooperation with Myanmar in urology, which was highly recognized by Myanmar counterpart. This conference would lay a solid foundation for the development of urology in China and Myanmar.
Professor Min Thu said that this is the first in-depth exchanges among urologist in China and Myanmar. He expressed his aprreciation having such a good exchange platform, which would help urologist to better adapt to new changes brought by contemporary surgical techniques.

This conference aims at strengthening exchanges and cooperation with Myanmar in the field of medical science, building a high-end communication platform at home and abroad, promoting the development of urology surgery, promoting the academic development of KMU and its affiliated hospitals. The main content of the conference is academic communication and technical training in the fields of urolithiasis, urogenital tumors and clinical application of minimally invasive techniques in urology. The conference lasted for 3 days in forms of academic report, difficult case discussion, minimally invasive technique training and surgical demonstration.

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