Invitation for South and Southeast Asia Higher Medical Education and Health Care Cooperation Forum
Dear Members of SSAMESA:
The secretariat ofSouth and Southeast Medical Education and Service Allianceextends sincerecompliments to youresteemed institution!With the great support of your institution, the Alliancehas continuously promoted the exchanges and cooperationamong the membersin the field of medical education and health service since its establishment on July 12, 2019 and received fruitful results.
At present, theCovid-19 pandemic still spreading around the world, posing a major threat to people’s lives and health, and alsobrings severe challenges to medical education, public health systems, andhospital management, while emerging opportunities for cooperationin the post-pandemic era. In order to strengthen the close exchanges and cooperation among member institutions of the alliance in the post-pandemic era,the allianceis to hold theSouthand Southeast Asia Higher Medical Education andHealth Care Cooperation Forum on October 22, 2020, with the theme "New Challenges, New Opportunities,New Cooperation----The Reform and Development of Higher Medical Education and Health Care in the Post-Epidemic Era”, and will beheldas one of the parallel activities of The 2020 Online Forum on Education Cooperation in South & Southeast Asia which is organized by Yunnan Provincial Department of Education.
The forum will provide opportunities for members to learn from each other in the reform of education and health care to face the challenges caused by Covid-19. It would be greatly appreciated if you could organize the related faculties to participate and share the view point in the forum. Thank youin advancefor your active participation and strong support!
Looking forward to seeing you online!

The Secretariat of SSAMESA
Kunming Medical University

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