In order to build a new platform for international cooperation in Neurosurgery among China and South and Southeast Asian countries, by taking unique geographical advantages of Yunnan Province, Kunming Medical University held the China- South and Southeast Asia Neurosurgery Conference" in November 2018, and held the 2nd China-South and Southeast Asia Neurosurgery Kunming Forum and the 4th Ischemic Cerebrovascular Disease Microscopy Training Course in 2019. The Forum was organized by the Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University. Neurosurgery professionals from 9 countries in South and Southeast Asia, including Singapore, Nepal, India, Malaysia, participated in the meeting and carried out academic exchanges. The forum enhanced exchanges neurosurgery among South and Southeast Asian countries, and laid a foundation for further cooperation.

The Second Affiliated Hospital of Kunming Medical University is the Yunnan branch of the National Clinical Research Center of Neurosystem Diseases and set up the Yunnan workstation of academician Zhao Jizong, the Provincial Hypothermia Treatment Center, the Provincial Nerve Trauma Research Center , the National Continuing Education and Training Base for Neurosurgeons, the National Standard Training Base for Residents, and one of the first batch of national training bases for neurosurgery specialists. It is the neurosurgery center with the most complete categories of neurosurgery disciplines in Yunnan Province, and has formed team with reasonable structure and high quality of research and clinical skills.

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