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Kunming Declaration
In order to actively engage into the Belt and Road Initiative, a multilateralplatform for exchanges andcooperation between medical universities and institutions in China and inSouth and Southeast Asian countries will be established to further enhance collaboration in the filed of medical education,scientific research, health services, and studentexchanges, which would be beneficial for jointly meeting challenges, improving medical education and health services, and promoting the development of health care in the region and even across the world. We are now gathering in Kunming, China to bulid up the South and Southeast Asia Medical Education and Service Alliance.
We will build consensus to joitly promote the quality of regional higher medical education and health services, which is guided by the principle of extensive consultation, joint contribution, shared benefits, and win-win outcomes. Ourcooperation will be conducted in the following areas:
First, building the foundation for the long-term development of the alliance through integrating the resources among alliance members in education, scientific research, medical services, international cooperation, etc., and setting up expert think tanks, resource sharing platforms, and joint laboratories, etc.
Second, jointly establishing an international exchange and cooperation platform for health service based on the strength of talents and technology, and other advantages to jointly explore and propose solutions to regional and global public healthe and medical issues, and to provide intellectual and talent support for the growth of regional medical education and health service.
Third, forming a regional medical education and health service cooperation model, which can provide universities and medical institutions in the region with valuable experience by sharing the results of cooperation with them, and increase influence of the alliance on the region.
Let us join hands and keep pace with the times to create a new situation in international cooperation in medical education and health service, bring healthier and greater happiness to people living in China, andSouth and Southeast Asian countries.   

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