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Areas of Cooperation
1.Talent Cultivation
A strengthened cooperation in the training of medical professionals, especially in the training of medical professional in innovative ways requested by the global medical and health care demand between the alliance members need to be conducted. The Alliance will stimulate exchanges of undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students among members, and promote joint education programs and recognition of credits.
2.Faculty Team Building
A strengthened exchanges and cooperation in faculty team building among the Alliance members. The alliance will promote cross-university lectures and guidance of teachers among its members. The members will jointly carry out the long-term and short-term teacher training, promote the sharing of teachers’ resources, and invite world-class experts and professionals in the field of health care to conduct teaching and fuide of research and clinical services.  
3.Scientific Research
A strengthened exchanges and cooperation in scientific research between alliance members. Teachers and researchers will be encouraged and supported to jointly apply for and carry out international scientific research cooperation projects based on their advantages of disciplines and programs in alliance members. Moreover, collaboration and sharing of literature, information and resources on scientific research is expected to be set up among the members. Alliance members also can jointly hold high-level academic conference on medical education and medical services to tnhance the academic impact and reputation of the Alliance.
4.Social Service
The alliance jointly establishes an international exchange and cooperation platform in health care service to promote pragmatic cooperation among all relevant medical institutions of the alliance, collaboratively explore and propose solutions to regional and global public health and health issues, establish regional cooperation platform on diseases control, public health, build up open think tank with the multidisciplinary composition to promote development of regional medical education and health care.
5.Student Exchange
A strengthened exchanges and cooperation in student exchange between the alliance members. The alliance jointly organize student exchange activities such as clinical training, social pratice, contests on medical knowledge and skills, and academic seminars in order to improve the academic exchange and mutual cultural understandings in young students.

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